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Seven Practices for the Chronically Nice with Craig English and James Rapson Chronic niceness can cause severe anxiety and undermine careers. Craig English and James Rapson will explore seven powerful practices from their book Anxious to Please. Discover how to transform niceness anxiety into strength and compassion.
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The Bulls-eye Resume: Hitting the Mark with Dawn Rasmussen Attract the attention of prospective employers and compete in a crowded marketplace by creating a targeted, well-designed and strategic resume. Discover key tips that will make you stand out and shine.
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It's All About People - Really! with Steven Fulmer Business is personal because it depends upon humans; and what odd creatures we can be! Come explore five key human strategies for increasing leadership, communication and decision making skills.
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Life by Design @yourlibrary: Combining Work and Care for an Aging Parent: Effects on Health,

 Learn about the stresses and rewards of combining work and elder care, develop effective coping strategies, and get helpful resources.

Margaret B. Neal, Ph.D., is the director of the Institute on Aging at Portland State University and a well-known scholar in the areas of aging, work and family. She has written several books, most recently Working Couples Caring for Children and Aging Parents with Dr. Leslie Hammer.

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Heck Where the Bad Kids Go by Dale E. Basye. Everybody screws up a little right? You might not end up in H - E- double hockey stick, but would you still screw up if you knew you'd end up in Heck?
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Brain Health: A Naturopathic Approach with Dr. Andy Swanson What you eat affects your brain. Learn natural strategies that support the health of the nervous system, enhance neurological performance and prevent the onset of Alzheimer's disease, MS and other conditions.
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Hear stories of transportation, both public and private, from zinesters Kate Lopresti of Constant Rider and Karen Giezyng of Bumpstart. Adult program Zinesters Talking, recorded live at Central Library September 16, 2008.
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Librarian Cathy Camper interviews 2008 Oregon Book Award Winner for Young Adult Literature Linda Zuckerman about her book A Taste for Rabbit. 
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Librarian Laural Winter interviews 2008 Oregon Book Award Winner for Young Adult Literature Sara Ryan about her book The Rules for Hearts.
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DIY Stories: Following the Oregon Tale You moved here from California because you heard about the nice weather. Perhaps you left the east coast to discover the laid-back, west coast lifestyle. Maybe you were born here. Come and share stories about what brought you to Oregon and what keeps you here. DIY (Do It Yourself) Stories was an open storytelling forum.

Host David Vanadia is an interdisciplinary artist who works with narrative in its many forms. He has performed internationally and acts as a consultant for companies of all sizes.

This was a Tapestry of Tale Kick-Off Event.
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