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Helen and Alison read a poem from the book Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices
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Writers Talking:  Jean Johnson

Jean Johnson reads and presents no-fuss recipes from her book, Cooking Beyond Measure: How to Eat Well without Formal Recipes.

Demonstrations included simple no-cook recipes — like sliced pears dipped in flax meal laced with cardamom, cottage cream and raspberries with homemade whole grain muesli, or roasted garlic on whole-grain bread.

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Plan for Success with Jenny Gallagher A good plan provides clarity, increases motivation and includes an action strategy. Learn the key ingredients for creating a plan that will guide you toward success.
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Life by Design @yourlibrary: Move On: Helping Your Aging Parents Manage Their Possessions

 Are you helping your parents downsize or move? The task of sorting through a lifetime's possessions can be physically and emotionally challenging. Explore new options, including senior move management and charitable giving.

Bill Smith created a senior move management company, called Take Care Move Assistance, to serve the needs of the Portland senior community. Lorca Harrison is the owner of DoughNation, a service that helps clients donate and dispose of their possessions in an organized and sensitive way.

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LeAnn Locher writes the popular Portland blog, LeLo in NoPo. She'll talk and share photos of her 3-year experience of creating and growing her blog, how it began as a personal journey and self exploration, and what she found along the way. Blogging creates connections to people, issues, cultures, and even social change, and has led to real-world connections, clients, and friends. She'll share a case study of blogging a topic that grew into a quick community action, with a flurry of news throughout the blogosphere and local media outlets. With writers now blogging and bloggers now writing, is there a place for the two to meet?

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Kristian Williams, a journalist and a member of Rose City Copwatch, is the author of Our Enemies in Blue: Police and Power in America and American Methods: Torture and the Logic of Domination. Jules Boykoff teaches political science at Pacific University in Forest Grove and is the author of Beyond Bullets: The Suppression of Dissent in the United States. The authors discuss their books and answer questions from the audience.

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Interview with Portland Children's Author Dale E. Basye Librarian Cathy Camper interviews children's author Dale E. Basye about his book Heck Where the Bad Kids Go, writing and future projects. Hear the Heck theme song too!
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Coaching for Leaders with James Warrick Leaders are most effective when they help others take action. Learn some coaching skills to help people find the clarity to move forward.
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Life by Design @yourlibrary: You and Your Aging Parents: Practical Tools to Address Their Changing Needs

 Are you finding it difficult to talk to your parents about their care needs? Learn about community resources, websites and checklists that can help you help them. For this presentation, please download or link to Prepare to Care: A Planning Guide for Families, a handbook published by AARP:

Loriann McNeill is the Family Caregiver Support Program coordinator for Multnomah County Aging and Disability Services, and has extensive personal and professional experience in family caregiving. Questions? Contact Loriann McNeill at 503-988-3646 x26263

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Reducing Your Carbon Footprint with John Patterson Hear a local solar energy expert give an overview of energy conservation with reduction tips that you can use today.
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