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Feng Shui Made Easy with Kirsten Havnaer

Find out more about the foundations and history of Feng Shui, Chi flow and how to arrange your environment to enhance your life with speaker, Kirsten Havnaer.  Presented at Hollywood Library on October 7, 2007.

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Plan for Success with Jenny Gallagher A good plan provides clarity, increases motivation and includes an action strategy. Learn the key ingredients for creating a plan that will guide you toward success.
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Coaching for Leaders with James Warrick Leaders are most effective when they help others take action. Learn some coaching skills to help people find the clarity to move forward.
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Reducing Your Carbon Footprint with John Patterson Hear a local solar energy expert give an overview of energy conservation with reduction tips that you can use today.
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Seven Practices for the Chronically Nice with Craig English and James Rapson Chronic niceness can cause severe anxiety and undermine careers. Craig English and James Rapson will explore seven powerful practices from their book Anxious to Please. Discover how to transform niceness anxiety into strength and compassion.
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The Bulls-eye Resume: Hitting the Mark with Dawn Rasmussen Attract the attention of prospective employers and compete in a crowded marketplace by creating a targeted, well-designed and strategic resume. Discover key tips that will make you stand out and shine.
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It's All About People - Really! with Steven Fulmer Business is personal because it depends upon humans; and what odd creatures we can be! Come explore five key human strategies for increasing leadership, communication and decision making skills.
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Brain Health: A Naturopathic Approach with Dr. Andy Swanson What you eat affects your brain. Learn natural strategies that support the health of the nervous system, enhance neurological performance and prevent the onset of Alzheimer's disease, MS and other conditions.
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Office Politics in the Multi-Generational Workplace with Steven Pascal Joyner

We now have four generations under the same roof for the first time in workplace history. Each has different perspectives, communication styles and expectations adding spice to old adages about office politics.

Presentation in PDF format

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Cultivating Creativity with Bob Lieberman Creativity comes naturally to all of us when we let it. Learn how to use a simple model of the creative process to identify and remove obstacles to creativity in your career and personal life.
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