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Interview with Tonya Jones - Women of Color Zines and Workshops

Tonya Jones has been instrumental in introducing women of color in Portland to zines and zine culture through her workshops, her zine writings and her talks. In this interview with librarian Cathy Camper, she talks about how she discovered zines, how zines can impower women of color and how women can participate in her workshops. 

 Tonya was the speaker for the Zinesters Talking Women of Color at North Portland Library September 14, 2010. The podcast of that meeting didn't record, so we're posting this instead. 

Connect with Tonya Jones on Facebook at: WOC Zine Workshops (Club) 

Zines discussed in the podcast:  Shotgun Seamstress #2 by Osa Atoe  Cocoa Puss #1 by Lamesha Melton

Target Audience: Adult

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